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Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Modelling - CCIAM

André Oliveira

Post-Doc Researcher

Human health Spatial epidemiology Climate services

I received a Ph.D. in International Health, Specialty in Health and Development Policies, from the New University of Lisbon in 2016. From the same University, I hold a MSc. in Geographic Information Systems and Science, having graduated in Geography and Regional Planning from the University of Lisbon.  

For many years I have been involved in Public Health research, mainly spatial analysis applications in Human Health and Disease, and also Health services performance. At the Portuguese Directorate-General of Health, I took part in the development and administration of an epidemiological surveillance system bringing together ETL database processes, GIS and WebGIS technologies in a multiplatform environment, aimed at monitoring the daily demand for hospital and health center emergency services in Portugal.

I have been lecturing several database-related subjects at the New University of Lisbon since 2009, with a particular focus on Spatial Databases.

Later, during my Ph.D., my research interests shifted to Spatial Epidemiology, having focused on the spatial relationship between stroke and socioeconomic covariates across different age cohorts, through several forms of spatial statistics.    

I am currently working in the Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Modelling research group (CCIAM) of cE3c, where my research focuses on modelling present and future vulnerabilities regarding Human Health, according to the potential impacts of several climate scenarios.




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