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Ecology of Environmental Change - eChanges

Melanie Köbel

PhD Student

Dryland woodlands Plant diversity Functional diversity Climate change Grazing

I’m a research fellow at the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes, working in the eChanges group, under the supervision of Doctor Cristina Branquinho.

I’m graduated in Biology, by the Universidade do Algarve since 2010 and have a MSc in Ecology and Environmental Management, by the Universidade de Lisboa, since 2013.

My interests rely, in broad terms, in understanding the response of ecosystems to human-induced and environmental drivers, hopefully contributing to the knowledge on how ecosystems function and what are the effects of management. In particular, I have been studying plant communities, using a functional approach, in response to climate (mainly aridity) and management (such as grazing or reforestation practices). Most of these works have been conducted in the Montado ecosystem (an open oak woodland) in the southern, dryland, regions of Portugal. Recently, I have also participated in projects more related with pollution: using lichens to monitor levels of pollutants, and assessing the effects nitrogen deposition in the plant community of a bog ecosystem.


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