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Matías Mesa García

Grant Researcher

Transition companion Local climate action Participatory-action research Group facilitator Regenerative culture

Human being fascinated by natural balance, ecosystem interactions and social structures. Defender of the natural well-being (Human & Environmental Health) focused on the global Climate Change Challenge.

"Since 2010, I’ve been collaborating with diverse associations and entities, coordinating and implementing climate-related campaigns, making use of science communication and advocacy for both local and national levels, across a wide spectrum of cultural contexts and circumstances.
Relying on the bottom-up approach, I’m currently involved on support and mobilize EU municipalities to foster Sustainable Development & Climate Change Mitigation.
Complementary, I’m focusing my research on finding context-wise mediums and tools to enable local climate action.
The essence of my work is based on process work and facilitation techniques, with the aim of fostering the collective intelligence and the commitment of the local group on its endeavour.”

Education: Master on Pharmaceutical Sciences + Master on Ecology and Environmental Management

Current Position: Executive Portuguese Coordinator of the projects Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON) and Three4Climate: Think European, Act Local



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