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Ecology of Environmental Change - eChanges

Mariana Fernandes

PhD Student

Botany Ecological restoration Plant functional ecology Biodiversity

Mariana P. Fernandes is conducting a Ph.D. in the Biology Programm by Faculty of Sciences of University of Lisbon starting in 2020 within the Ecology of Environmental Change (eChange) of cE3c. She is conducting the project Habitats related to linear infrastructures as an opportunity for wild plant conservation, under the supervision of Prof. Anabela Belo from MED (University of Évora), Dr.ª Alice Nunes from cE3c, and Francisco Moreira from CIBIO (University of Porto). The Ph.D. project aims to promote the conservation and improvement of native vegetation in linear infrastructures related habitats through the development and amelioration of restoration techniques, and by establishing appropriate management measures, replicable in other Mediterranean environments.



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