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Luiz Eduardo Rielli

PhD Student

Luiz Eduardo Rielli is conducting a Ph.D. in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies by the University of Lisbon starting in 2021 within the CCIAM of cE3c. He is conducting the project "Decentralised energy as a local development driver: implications for governance and decision making", under the supervision of Dra Inês Campos from CCIAM.

Implementing a low-carbon economy requires fostering an energy transition based on both centralised and decentralised renewable electricity production and consumption. Considering new electricity infrastructure development, it is relevant to understand how local environmental and social aspects affect local actors. It is commonly considered that decentralisation increases benefits at the local level, but the argument is under-researched, with limited evidence of the related positive outcomes.

The research aims to assess conditions in decentralised and centralised solar electricity generation in Portugal and Brazil, indicating and comparing how participatory governance structures contribute to local-level sustainable development. It analyses the policy settings and institutional mechanisms that enable the participation of local actors. It will provide valuable knowledge to enhance participatory frameworks, energy governance, and decision making, necessary to enable a solid pathway towards sustainable energy generation, as a local development driver.

Research fields: Sociotechnical transitions, energy transitions, decentralised energy resources, energy justice, local impacts, participatory governance


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