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Laura Aguillaume

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I am graduated in Biology (UAM, 2008), MSc in Biodiversity (UB, 2010) and PhD in Terrestrial Ecology (UAB, 2015). I did my PhD at the Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF). Most of my research is focused on atmospheric deposition and nutrient cycling in forests, largely water and nitrogen cycling. I have also worked in lichen biodiversity and ecology focusing in the response of lichens to nitrogen deposition. My research is focused on the Mediterranean-climate region, which is considered as a hotspot of biodiversity of conservation priority.

During my PhD I studied the nitrogen deposition in holm oak forests in the Iberian Peninsula, focusing in characterizing the loads and the indicators that better respond to nitrogen pollution. The overall aim was to address the impact of nitrogen wet and dry deposition in Mediterranean ecosystems where information is scarce.



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