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Plant-Soil Ecology - PSE

Javier Roales

External Collaborator

I received a Ph.D. in Biotechnology and Chemical Technology from the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Spain) in 2004 and I am currently working in the Plant-Soil Ecology research group of cE3c. My research focuses on soil science and gas detection and quantification.
For many years I focused on the research of optical sensors for the detection of toxic and contaminating gases. Collaborations during my PhD led me to develop an interest in soil-atmosphere gas exchange and soil science in general. Post-doctoral opportunities allowed me to continue doing research in the development of gas sensors using novel materials while collaborating in projects devoted assessing the effects of climate change and nitrogen deposition on Mediterranean ecosystems.
Besides collaborating with the cE3c, my international network includes the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Spain) and the Università di Sassari (Italy)
My current research is driven by four overarching objectives: i) to assess the role of the biocrust as a modulator of global change drivers in Mediterranean ecosystems, ii) to investigate the interactions between climate change and nitrogen deposition and their effect on soils, iii) to improve current techniques for the determination of soil-emitted greenhouse gases, and iv) to develop accurate and affordable sensors for the detection of toxic gases.


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