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Subgroup Leader of Eco-evolutionary Genetics
Evolutionary Ecology - EE

Ivo M. Chelo

Assistant Researcher

I received a Ph.D. in Bacterial genomics and evolution from the University of Lisbon in 2007 and I am currently leading the Eco-evolutionary Genetics Subgroup in the Evolutionary Ecology group of cE3c.

I am interested in knowing how interactions between organisms affect evolution. I use experimental evolution, with the nematode C. elegans and the bacterium E. coli. These two biological models will help understand how interactions between organisms influence adaptation and what is the molecular basis of these complex dynamics. The focus will be either on intra-population mechanisms, by which negative feedbacks can lead to the maintenance of genetic variability, or on interactions between species, where selective pressures occur between predators and prey or hosts and parasites.

In this context, I am interested in knowing:

  1.    If adaptation to a new environment is affected primarily by the type (host/parasite, host/commensal, predator/prey, etc) or by the strength of interactions;
  2.    If the strength and type of interactions between organisms can change due to co-evolution during adaptation.

Ultimately, my goal is to understand if what we know about the genetics of adaptation needs to be rethought in light of an evolving ecology. 


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