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Inês Domingues

PhD Student

Fitoremediation Plant eco-physiology

I recently finished my Master Degree in Biology of Plant Resources by the University of Lisbon (UL) with the thesis project entitled “Ecophysiology Characterization of Metallophyte Species Candidates for Phytoremediation” where I determined the ecological niche and the physiological performance of eight plant species present in São Domingos mine by using the pH as a proxy for metal contamination.

Currently, I’m working as a Grant Research Holder within the project “Avaliação do Potencial de Fitorremediação para Mitigação/Restauro dos Solos da Exploração Mineira: Contribuição para o Plano do Fecho da Mina” (2019-2020), under the supervision of Prof. Cristina Branquinho and Dr. Helena Serrano within the eChanges group of cE3c.


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