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Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Modelling - CCIAM

Hugo Oliveira

PhD Student

Landscape ecology Nature-based design Transformative learning

Hugo Ferreira Calado de Oliveira is conducting a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Landscape Management by the University of Évora starting in 2011 within CCIAM of CE3C. He is conducting the project “BASE - bottom up climate adaptation strategies towards a sustainable Europe” Focussing on the role of Permaculture Landscape Ecological Design as a Grassroots Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, under the supervision of Gil Penha-Lopes (CE3C-FCUL). His Ph.D. is on “sustainability transitions through grassroots management of resilient agro-environmental systems: The case study of the permaculture landscape design movement in Portugal”, and the main aims are: 1. Contribute for the theoretical and practical development within the field of sustainability transitions at grassroots level. 2. Characterize the “niche-innovation” created by the permaculture movement, relating it to its inherent resilience as specific socio-ecological systems. 3. Identify interactions between related “niches”: as a multifunctional landscape holistic design system, permaculture integrates low impact “niche-innovations” generated by other movements as strategies and techniques. To study these interactions will help to understand the dynamics of the study case. 4. Assess the influence of the permaculture niche-innovation on agro-food regime shift. 5. Identify possible reconfiguration of multiple regime shift. 5. Identify permaculture grassroots innovation measures for adaptation to climate change.


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