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Conservation in Socio-Ecological Systems - CSES
Landscape Epidemiology and Wildlife Diseases

Gonçalo Espregueira Themudo

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evolução genética populacional genómica epidemiologia ecologia doenças infecciosas

I received a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Leiden in 2010 and I am currently working in the Landscape Epidemiology and Wildlife Diseases Research Group (Conservation in Socio-ecological Systems) of cE3c. Currently, I am an assistant researcher under project Colossus: Control Of tubercuLOsiS at the wildlife-livestock interface uSing innovative natUre- based Solutions. My research focuses on evolutionary and ecological modelling of animal tuberculosis at the wildlife/livestock interface, using high throughput genome sequencing and geographical information systems.
For many years I have been involved in evogenomic research using as model system honeybees, endangered or extinct mammals, and cetaceans.
I have been involved in the iPsych network studying the genetics of mental disorders, and I am currently a part of ERGA, an initiative to generate reference genomes for all species in Europe. I was a postdoc in Copenhagen investigating the spatial spread of infectious diseases (2009-2012), genetic identification of Greenlanders and genetic risk factors for schizophrenia (2014-2017), mental health genetics (2017-2019) and comparative genomics of vertebrates (2019-2022)

My current research is driven by three overarching objectives: Model the ecological determinants for Mycobacterium bovis infections in Portugal, investigate the opennes of the M. bovis pangenome, and determine genetic variants that have resulted from M. bovis adaptation to the Portuguese environment.



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