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Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Modelling - CCIAM

Elsa Casimiro

External Collaborator

I received a Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry from the University of University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa in 2000.  I am currently managing Director of INFOTOX -Consultores de Riscos Ambientais e Tecnológicos, Lda and an external collaborator of cE3c in CCIAM research group. For many years I have been working in toxicology Regulatory and toxicology expertise for: Products/substances compliance under various EU/national chemical regulations – (Cosmetic, Detergents, and Biocidal Products Regulations, REACH/CLP, ADR, WEEE & Batteries Directive, SDS); Product stewardship projects; Product marketing claims (including ECOLable and efficacy claims). Also conducted human health risk assessments for climate change impacts, EIA and soil clean-up industrial projects research using as model system. With CCIAM I conducted the 1st National Assessment of Potential Climate Change Health Impacts in Portugal. This was the first study conducted in Southern Europe and The WHO has adopted and used part of the methodology developed in this assessment as a global best practice. I was coordinator of various regional and local assessments on the impacts of climate change on human health & tourism in Portugal. Also participated in 2 FP7 projects CIRCE (investigator) and 2FUN (Portuguese coordinator).



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