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Domingos Francisco

PhD Student

vegetation ecology miombo land-cover changes giant sable antelope

Domingos Francisco is a PhD student at BIODIV program in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, at ESFE group of cE3c. He is conducting the project Structure, composition, and ecology of vegetation in the Cangandala National Park, Malange, Angola (PNC), under the supervision of Luis catarino (ESFE, cE3c), Esperança da Costa (FC, UAN), and Ana Cabra (CEF, ISA). His project aims are:
(i) to inventory the vascular plant species present in the PNC;
ii) to characterize the structure and composition of the vegetation of the PNC
iii) to analyse the soil cover changes that have occurred in the PNC in the last decades and to understand their causes and consequences
(iv) to understand the ecological processes which intervene in the vegetation of the PNC and their influence on the dynamics and state of the vegetation
(v) to characterise the most important plant species for feeding the giant sable antelope
vi) to identify the plants used by the local human population and characterize their respective uses.





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