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Stable Isotope Ecology and Ecosystems Functioning

Denisele Flores

External Collaborator

Denisele Neuza Aline Flores Borges is conducting a Ph.D. in Plant Biology by the State University of Campinas – UNICAMP, Brazil, starting in 2016 within the Plant Anatomy Laboratory of Plant Biology Department. She is conducting the project “Anatomical structure and nutrient acquisition of the plant mycoheterotrophic Pogoniopsis schenckii (Orchidaceae:Vanilloideae) and the myxotrophic Warrea warreana (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae)”, under the supervision of Juliana Lichska Sampaio Mayer, Professor at Institute of Biology, State University of Campinas.

In addition, she is conducting a Ph.D. sandwich by the University of Lisbon – ULisboa during six months (nov 2018 – mai 2019) within the Environmental Stress & Functional Ecology – ESFE of cE3c. The propose project is “Dynamics of carbon isotopes (δ13C) and nitrogen isotopes (δ15N) in mycoheterotrophic specie Pogoniopsis schenkii (Orchidaceae: Vanilloideae) and in the mixotrophic Warrea warreana (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae)”, under the supervision of Cristina Máguas, Auxiliary Professor at Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon.

Ph.D. project aims are:

- Analyze the morphological and anatomical structure of the underground organs. To identify the nature, radicular or stem, of these subterranean organs with differentiated morphology.

- Locate portions of the underground organs in which the association with fungi occurs.

- Check the substances reserve presence in the roots and stems with the application of different histochemical tests.

- Analyze ultrastructure of infected cells.

- Fungi isolation from portions of underground organs.

- Fungi identification through molecular analysis.

- Analyze the isotopic composition of carbon (δ13C) and nitrogen (δ15N)



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