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David Vila Pires

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I received a B.Sc. in Biology-Geology from the University of Minho in 2014 and a M.Sc. in Ecology from the same university in 2016, specializing in Plant Nematology.

After receiving my Master’s degree, I’ve held a Research Fellowship position in a multidisciplinary R&D project, at the Agrarian School of the Viana do Castelo Polytechnic Institute, where my work has primarily focused on developing sustainable management strategies against root-knot nematodes (RKN), Meloidogyne spp., by establishing and conducting pot trials and in vitro tests for the evaluation of root and soil colonization by the fungal biocontrol agent Pochonia chlamydosporia in tomato rootstock cultivars.

I am currently working as a Grant Researcher within the project “MICROEVOLD - Host-microbe interactions and the evolution of aging” (2018-2021), under the supervision of Doctor Ivo Chelo, in the Eco-evolutionary Genetics Subgroup in the Evolutionary Ecology group of cE3c.


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