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Ecology of Environmental Change - eChanges

Cristiana Almeida Aleixo

PhD Student

Urban ecology Urban climatology Remote sensing and GIS Fragmentation and connectivity Natural hazards and risks assessment

Cristiana Aleixo is conducting a PhD in Biology by the University of Lisbon, starting in 2019 within “Ecology of Environmental Change (eChanges) subgroup of cE3c. She is conducting the thesis under the supervision of Pedro Pinho and Cristina Branquinho, both from the cE3c.

She holds a MSc in Physical Geography and Spatial Planning from IGOT-UL, having graduated in Geography (specializing in Cartography and GIS) from the same University. 

Currently, her focus is on the role of remote sensing in the development of indicators for ecosystem services assessment in urban green areas to create more resilient cities. She is interested too in scaling different biophysical and functional variables of vegetation, from leaf to canopy and ecosystem levels, considering different spatial and temporal scales.

She has a multidisciplinary background encompassing several areas and her research interests are remote sensing, GIS tools and spatial modelling methods, landscape ecology, urban ecology and ecosystem services assessment.





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