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Ecology of Environmental Change - eChanges

Cláudia Mendes

Grant Researcher

Plant functional ecology Ecological restoration Phytoremediation Environmental management Sustainable development

Cláudia Mendes graduated in Liberal Sciences from the Maastricht University (Netherlands) in 2019, with a major focus on Biology subjects such as Ecology and Botany. Her bachelor thesis consisted of the "Germination and Physiological Study of Portuguese Metallophyte Species Candidates for Phytoremediation" under tutorship of Dr. Helena Serrano and within the eChanges group of cE3c at the University of Lisbon.
Her main interests are within ecology, environmental management, ecological restoration and sustainable development, and she aspires to one day be engaged in projects that enhance environmental, social, and economic sustainability.
Currently, she is pursuing a MSc degree in Biology of Plant Resources at the University of Lisbon and conducting her MSc Project which aims to evaluate ecological restoration success by mapping regulating ecosystem services of restored quarry sites within the Arrábida Natural Park, based on plant functional trait approaches using field and remote sensing data, to later inform conservation planning and develop restoration strategies. She’s working under the supervision of Dr. Alice Nunes and Dr. Maria Alexandra Oliveira.



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