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MITE2: Multidisciplinary Investigation Targeting Ecology and Evolution

Arianna Thomas

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Spidermites Tomato Bean Evolution Biology

I am a Biologist with specialization in Cellular Biology (Universidad Central de Venezuela), a master degree in Ecology (Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas, 2015) and a recently completed PhD in entomology (Universidad de Alicante, Spain, 2020), currently working as a lab technician in the MITE2 Lab (multidisciplinary Investigation Targeting Ecology and Evolution) at the University of Lisbon. Throughout my career I have studied a variety of insects, mostly flies but also butterflies, beetles and triatomines. I have looked into different aspects of their biology, such as their role as mechanical vectors of diseases, ecological dynamics and synanthropy, and studied their taxonomy, biodiversity and phylogeny using morphological and molecular approaches which include DNA barcodes and Ultraconserved Elements of DNA. I am also passionate about macrophotography and have developed different techniques to generate high definition photographs of insects.

My work in the MITE2 Lab involves the rearing and maintenance of spider mite populations and the growing and maintenance of tomato and bean plants in order to study different aspects of the evolutionary biology of spider mites.



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