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Bats and Birds in Natural and Semi-Natural Ecosystems
Tropical and Mediterranean Biodiversity - TMB

Ana Teresa Marques

PhD Student

Biodiversity Conservation Ornithology Spatial Ecology Movement Ecology GIS

Ana Teresa Marques is conducting a Ph.D. in BioDiv Doctoral Programme by the University of Lisbon starting in 2015 within the Tropical and Mediterranean Biodiversity research group of cE3c. She is conducting the project “Movement ecology of birds and their influence on interactions with anthropogenic infrastructures”, under the supervision of Jorge Palmeirim from cE3c, João Paulo Silva from cE3c and InBIO and Francisco Moreira from InBIO. Ana Teresa Marques Ph.D. will focus on 3 broad areas: Spatial Ecology, Movement Ecology and Population Dynamics. The main subject of her project is to study how human infrastructures affects and shapes distribution, population and behavior of different bird’s species.  


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