Department of Biology, University of the Azores

Apartado 1422, 9501-801 Ponta Delgada

São Miguel, Azores, Portugal


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Rita F. Patarra

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Seaweed Aquaculture Macroalgae Azores

Rita F. Patarra is conducting a Ph.D.  in Biology (3CBIO) at Biology Department of University of the Azores, since 2012, within the Azorean Biodiversity Group of cE3c. She is conducting the project “Opportunities for Seaweed Aquaculture Development in the Azores” (Ref.ª M3.1.2/F/024/2011, DRCT), under the supervision of Ana I. Neto (cE3c, Azores University), Alejandro H. Buschmann (Centro imar & CeBiB, Universidad de Los Lagos, Chile) and Maria Helena Abreu (AlgaPlus Company).

Rita F. Patarra Ph.D. project aims are: evaluate the culture potential and the effect of different harvest technics on the growth of selected Azorean species of seaweeds with economically value.


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