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Bats and Birds in Natural and Semi-Natural Ecosystems
Tropical and Mediterranean Biodiversity - TMB

Ana Isabel Leal


Ecology Conservation Biodiversity Agroforestry systems Habitat management Ornithology

I received a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Lisbon (Faculty of Sciences - FCUL) in 2012 and I am currently working as a researcher at FCUL in the Tropical and Mediterranean Biodiversity group of cE3c. My main research interests are ecology and conservation, with a special interest in birds. For many years I have been focused on the management of habitats, using cork oak silvopastoral systems as a model, and also in different projects regarding bird species conservation and ecology. Recently, I started exploring the potential of passive acoustic monitoring techniques. I am also involved in science communication and dissemination of scientific knowledge.

My current research is driven by three overarching objectives: i) contribute to the management and conservation of oak woodlands using research-based solutions; ii) investigate the potential of birds as target and instrument for the management and conservation of species and habitats; and iii) disseminate the value of scientific research for the sustainable management of habitats and biodiversity conservation.

"Montados com Futuro" is a website I have built to contribute to the 1st objective described above. It aims to help in the dissemination of knowledge to different stakeholders, from general public to managers, producers and researchers.


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