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Wilson Rodrigues Tavares

PhD Student

Wilson Rodrigues Tavares is conducting a Ph.D. in Biology by the University of Azores starting in 2022 within the CHANGE – Global Change and Sustainability Institute of cE3c. He is conducting the project "New products with agricultural and health applications: bringing value to the invasive plants Gunnera tinctoria and Hedychium gardnerianum", under the supervision of Ana Maria Loureiro da Seca and Maria do Carmo Roque Lino Felgueiras Barreto - CHANGE - Global Change and Sustainability Institute.

Wilson Rodrigues Tavares Ph.D. project aims are: a) to enrich the general knowledge over these problematic species, b) to contribute for the understanding of why both plants are so invasive and c) to bring added value to their biomass waste.


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