Science Communication and Outreach Office

cE3c’s Science Communication and Outreach Office is coordinating the implementation of a communication strategy that serves the Centre’s ultimate purpose of changing practices to achieve a sustainable future. The strategy focuses on three areas: (i) to promote activities in the realm of citizen science; (ii) to expand outreach efforts towards general public, stakeholders, and policy-makers and give these efforts visibility in the media; and (iii) to attract funding.

Citizen science has been increasingly recognized as a powerful mean to collect data and build robust databases. In what biodiversity is concerned this form of engaging the public is an important contribution to accurately map the distribution of species within a territory. It is also a powerful means to stimulate public knowledge and awareness, as well as to reinforce the idea that science is a collective enterprise. Hence, cE3c is currently involved in two major initiatives: Biodiversity Stations Network and the platform This contribution for citizen science, together with activities of scientific outreach targeting the general public, raise public awareness and understanding of science, as well as of specific issues where change in practices must be collectively adopted to achieve sustainability.

The nature of the scientific goals of cE3c dictates the centre’s interest in outreach towards policy-makers and stakeholders. cE3c intends to be frequently in the media due to its scientific achievements and efforts are been made to bring more visibility to the role the centre plays in changing practices, including collaboration with policy-makers and stakeholders. Attracting European funding is another major goal, together with expanding the partnerships with stakeholders in order to increase their contribution to the centre’s budget.

The Science Communication and Outreach Office works in close collaboration with cE3c’s researchers, counting with Mariana Marques precious work, and special contributions from Margarida Santos-Reis, Rui Rebelo, Paulo A. V. Borges, Filipa Vala, Maria Amélia Martins-Loução, Ana Isabel Leal, and Patrícia Tiago.



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