Conservation Ecology - CE

In addition to 14 PhD members, the group includes a considerable number of project research assistants and doctoral and master students, which are a very important component of the team. To manage the group's wide range of research topics, it is organized into eight teams headed by a Principal Investigator.

Our research is focused on issues that are central to conservation ecology: the ecological consequences of fragmentation, species-habitat relationships and their modelling, impacts of climate change, problems of invasive species, and biodiversity friendly management of agro-ecosystems. Expertise in working with a diversity of organisms - ranging from arthropods to fish, reptiles, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals - allows the group to address ecological questions using a diversity of model organisms, and to carry out multi taxa projects.

Most of our work is conducted in Mediterranean ecosystems, which hold a rich collection of biodiversity, but we also work in the tropics, particularly in Brazil and Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa, where historical and cultural links facilitate the cooperation with local researchers.


Carnivore Conservation Ecology Communication and evolution in insects and fish Ecology of Tropical and Mediterranean Bats and Birds Entomology: biodiversity and conservation Invasion ecology of aquatic animals Landscape Epidemiology and Wildlife Diseases Stream Fish Ecology Wolf ecology and conservation