cE3c's is engaged in a concerted, transregional and transnational research effort addressing major threats to sustainability: i) loss of biodiversity with potential impact on ecosystem services, ii) climate and land-use changes, iii) biological invasions, and iv) lack of societal awareness and policy to effectively address these issues.

We built cE3c to take on key priorities at the regional, national and EU levels, namely those of the Regional Strategies for Smart Specialization, the National Strategy for Sustainable Development and the Europe 2020 Strategy. This calls for cost-effective, integrated and interdisciplinary policies to ensure future economic development rooted in principles of social cohesion and environmental protection. cE3c’s scientific strategy is built upon four Pillars of Action targeting 15 objectives. These pillars form the backbone of cE3c's interactions and collaborations that draw on individual strengths and provide, through synergistic effects, the cohesion required at the level of the Centre.