Update on the zoogeography of Odonata in the Macaronesian Islands

  • Articles in non-SCI journals - international
  • Dec, 2016

Weihrauch, F., Vieira, V., Cordero-Rivera, A. & Santos Loureiro, N. (2016) Update on the zoogeography of Odonata in the Macaronesian Islands. Boletín Rola8 (segundo semestre 2016), 9-22.


Based on the comprehensive review by Weihrauch (2011), the checklists of all archipelagos of the Macaronesian Islands and the available literature on the distribution of their Odonata are brought up to date. Pantala flavescens is new to the Azores and the Canary Islands. The first record of Ischnura hastata from Graciosa Island confirms the species' breeding in all nine islands of the Azores. The presence of Ischnura senegalensis in the Canary Islands is confirmed. Single specimens of Agriocnemis exilis, Anax rutherfordi, and Anax tristis found in museum collections bring the checklist of Cape Verde to 17 species. No new species have been reported from Madeira or the Savage Islands. In summary, the checklist of Macaronesian Odonata now comprises acknowledged records of 23 species (8 Zygoptera, 15 Anisoptera).