Field guide to Amazonian bats

  • E-Book
  • Sep, 2016

López-Baucells, A., Rocha, R., Bobrowiec, P.E.D., Bernard, E.,Palmeirim, J.M. & Meyer, C.F.J. (2016) Field guide to Amazonian bats. National Institute of Amazonian Research. Manaus, Brazil.


This book is designed as a guide aimed at satisfying the needs of those conducting field work on bats in the Amazon. It is largely based on Lim et al. (2001), with modifications derived from both personal observations and three years of field experience in the Brazilian Amazon at the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (BDFFP), as well as a thorough revision of available bat keys and scientific papers describing new species. Our aim was to write a straightforward, easy-to-use guide that would be both practical and very visual, and would facilitate bat species identification in the field. We tried to avoid as much as possible confusing features such as fur colour, as well as certain skull and teeth characteristics that cannot be easily measured under field conditions. We decided to group together many of the cryptic species that are still indistinguishable in the field and that can only reliably be identified using molecular methods such as DNA barcoding. Taxonomic nomenclature throughout this key follows Nogueira et al. (2014).