Biodiversity & Wind energy: a bird’s and bat’s perspective

  • Books (author)
  • Dec, 2015

Mascarenhas, M., Bernardino, J., Paula, A., Costa, H., Bastos, C., Cordeiro, A., Marques, A.T., Marques, J., Mesquita, S., Paula, J., Pereira, M.J., Pereira, P., Peste, F., Ramalho, R., Rodrigues, S., Santos, J., Vieira, J. & Fonseca, C. (2015) Biodiversity & Wind energy: a bird's and bat's perspective. Bio3 and University of Aveiro. Aveiro. Portugal.


A fun and easy to read book, where any reader will be able to understand the relationship between wind farms and wildlife, in particular, birds and bats. This book was intended to share the knowledge developed over the most recent year of the project Wind & Biodiversity developed by Bio3 in collaboration with University of Aveiro.