Reassessing the conservation status of the shrew Crocidura thomensis, endemic to São Tomé Island

  • Articles in SCI Journals
  • Apr, 2016

de Lima, R.F., Maloney, E., Simison, W.B. & Drewes, B. (2016) Reassessing the conservation status of Crocidura thomensis, endemic to São Tomé Island. 

Oryx, 50(2), 360-363. DOI:10.1017/S003060531400091X (IF2016 2,191; Q2 Biodiversity Conservation)

The shrew Crocidura thomensis is a little-known species endemic to São Tomé Island. We review its distribution, ecology and conservation status based on nine published and 23 new records. The species has a wide distribution across São Tomé, preferring rugged forested areas with high rainfall. The location of new records coincides with that of historical records but the proportion of records in plantations has declined, possibly as a result of agricultural intensification, increased use of pesticides, and presence of exotic species. The shrew is restricted to a single island, its extent of occurrence is < 1,000 km2 and its habitat is declining in extent and quality, and thus its categorization as Endangered on the IUCN Red List remains appropriate. It is important to gain a better knowledge of population trends, ecological preferences and sensitivity to potential threats, but the effective protection of São Tomé Obô Natural Park and surrounding forests is the most important measure to ensure the long-term survival of this mammal.