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Conservation Ecology - CE
Ecology of Tropical and Mediterranean Bats and Birds

Ricardo C. Martins

Past Member

Ricardo C. Martins is conducting a Ph.D. in Biology/Ecology by the University of Lisbon starting in 2008 within the Conservation Ecology Group of cE3c. He is conducting the project “Wintering and migrating populations of Dunlin Calidris alpina using the Tagus estuary: foraging ecology, behaviour and distribution”, under the supervision of Prof. Jorge M. Palmeirim (cE3c) and Dr. José Pedro Granadeiro (CESAM/FCUL).  Ricardo’s Ph.D. project aims are: i) to compare the foraging ecology, behaviour and distribution of wintering and migrating dunlins at the Tagus estuary, ii) to unveil the geographic origins of dunlins using the estuary as a stopover, and iii) to investigate the overlap of wintering and migrating birds that mix there between winter and migratory periods.