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Evolutionary Ecology - EE
Local adaptation in Drosophila

Inês Órfão

PhD Student

I graduated in Environmental Biology in 2006 by the University of Lisbon and received my master degree in Ecology and Environmental Management in 2007 by the same institution, with a master thesis in sexual interferences in Sorraia horses. In 2012 I performed a post-graduation in Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare in the Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada (ISPA), with a work on the effect of environmental enrichment in piglets’ behaviour, skin lesions and weight gain.

Since 2013 I am conducting a Ph.D. in Biology (specialty Ethology) at the University of Lisbon and within the team “Local Adaptation in Drosophila” of the "Evolutionary Ecology" research group of cE3c, under the supervision of Dr. Susana A. M. Varela from cE3c, Prof. Anne Magurran from the University of St Andrews and Prof. Luís Vicente from CESAM-Lisboa.

The goal of my PhD is to understand mechanisms underlying males’ mating decisions and the model of my research is the guppy (P. reticulata).