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Evolutionary Ecology - EE
Adaptation in heterogeneous environments

André Mira

MSc Student

Herbivorous mites Competition Population dynamics Genetic variability

My name is André Mira and I’m a student of the master’s degree in Biologia Evolutiva e Desenvolvimento in FCUL (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa). After finishing my college degree in Biology I’ve considered every single path I could embark on and my desire to study evolution spoke louder than any other option. I’ve fell in love by evolution and such passion encouraged me to apply for this master’s degree, where I’ve look to enrich my knowledge and experience in the area. After the conclusion of the first year of the master’s degree, I find myself in a core moment of my professional life – starting my master’s thesis. My thesis addresses “Individual variation and species coexistence” and it will be done in FCUL (with cE3C- Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Envirnomental Changes) in association with ISEM (Institut des Sciences de l’Evolution de Montpellier). I desire to give my best and attempt to pass on every single piece of knowledge gathered in this delightful work. Oh, and spider-mites? They rock!



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