CE3C is organized to meet two goals: (i) to facilitate efficient financial, space and infrastructure management; and (ii) to facilitate synergistic interactions between researchers and groups to meet the centre’s scientific and outreach goals. A main office (three persons), including a communication officer one-year contract located at FCUL coordinates the Centre’s activities, including education and advanced training, and assures all necessary interactions with the Faculty, the University and associated entities, including the Faculty of Sciences Foundation that manages most projects and grants. A smaller office (one person) at the University of Azores (UAc) assures all necessary interactions with UAc and the main office in Lisbon. Interactions between researchers and groups develop in parallel to this and meet specific research necessities, including exchange of information and data, experiment planning, field trips, workshops and journal clubs. An annual meeting brings all researchers together, and every three years this meeting shall take place in the Azores