Associate Members

About the representatives of the Associate Members of cE3c

If you are a master student, grant holder, PhD student or Post Doc of the cE3c, this webpage is important for you!

It aims to present the most relevant informations on your representatives of the Centre of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Change (cE3c) associate members.

Who are we:

We are associate members working in various fields of the cE3c (master student, grant holder, PhD student or Post Doc) of cE3c in the scientific council. Each of the cE3c four thematic lines has a representative and a substitute representative, which are voted for annually, typically 30 days after the beginning of the academic year. The representatives in 2016/17 are:

Associate members and post-Docs search for mutual support and collaborative work, translating into diverse actions aiming at strengthening the interactions among cE3c members.

What do we do:

  • We try to give a voice to all associate members of the cE3c and take their problems and suggestions to the Scientific Council, which is the most important cE3c organ. The Scientific Council elects the “Scientific Coordinator”, approves the budget and all major activities of the centre. This includes activity plans, the admission of new members or the extinction and creation of new investigation groups. Together we have 4 votes, one per representative. Thus, it is of great importance that all of us work together to take part in the functioning and development of the cE3c.
  • We strive to gather everyone with young spirit in a creative group, promoting the interactions among all members of the cE3c.
  • We regularly meet to coordinate the interests of all associate members and post-Doc grant holders of the cE3c.
  • We participate proactively in the organization of the annual Scientific meeting of cE3c.

What is happening this year:

There are several workgroups (presented below) that have started their activities last year and whose objective is to create a more dynamic and creative process of interaction within cE3c.

  • Skills Bank
    ○ In the general assembly it was voted for a Google Docs that will start the process of joining skills of all associate members.
  • Social Events. For example:
    ○ Thor’s day (Which is a get together event with food and drinks, happening twice a month on Thursdays. The money generated by this event will be used as funds to to sustain other group activities)
    ○ Cinema
    ○ Sports (Climbing, Running, etc.)
  • Q & A
    ○ A poster will be put on Thor’s days, which features questions and answers put from people who are appearing on the Thors days and by the Azorean members.
  • ○ Every 2 weeks the informations will be summed up in a document available online.
  • Virtual outreach.
    ○ A Facebook group was created that you can join to obtain more timely information: it is called “cE3c Associate Members”.

Thank you for your confidence and we welcome everyone to make suggestions and participate in any activity you like.